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"In the sea of similar applications, it is a breath of fresh air to find one that tries to add something new; Pairopix has done that successfully."
-iPhone Footprint

Sharpen your synapses with this seriously addictive take on the ubiquitous memory game of matched pairs. Play immediately with image sets included with Pairopix, Collect our FREE sets with our "one tap" download / install, or get personal and create your own sets using your iPhone’s Camera or Photo Albums (iPhone & iPod touch). Have a look at our Set Gallery for ideas, and our
FREE SETS Gallery to see what's available for free in-app download right now.

Go ahead... Make it Personal!

Update 2.0!
Pairopix - Awesomest matching game... ever.

* In-app access to our growing collection of FREE SETS (currently at 17). With our new one tap system, you can install each of these unique game sets in less than 3 seconds. Some extra challenging, some great for kids.

* Increased difficulty in Level 2. You now have fewer seconds to reveal a pair before previously found pairs begin to "slam" shut. Those that do, now slam shut randomly, making it even more challenging.

* Top score leader boards now track time & taps for individual sets. Each set plays differently, so while completing a "Creature" set in under 40 seconds might be relatively easy, finishing the "Bearing" set, or some of our more challenging new free sets, can be downright diabolical… especially in level 2.

* New tweet / email feature allows you to invite friends to challenge your cranial dominance for specific set top scores.

* More customizable than ever with improved set editing capabilities.

Thanks for all your suggestions and reviews!!

We think this update makes Pairopix the coolest matching game ever. Give it a whirl. If you like it, cough up a few stars and tell your friends!

The Basics:

Level one
Tap a port to reveal an image, tap another to find its match. If you are successful at finding a pair, they will both remain open allowing you to resume searching for more. If you select a mismatch, both ports will close leaving you to try again. Your objective is to open all twelve pairs in the shortest amount of time, and fewest number of taps.

Level two
Same as level one, but after opening a port, you must open another within 2 seconds or the first one will close forcing you to open it again. You must also find a pair every 7 seconds or previously opened pairs will begin "slamming" shut. Either way will add more time and taps to your score. Bottom line... think fast!

Creating custom image sets:
We have created a user friendly series of steps for you to create your own image sets. Follow the screen prompts from the home page to begin. Shoot with your iPhone’s Camera, or import pics from your Photo Albums (iPhone & iPod touch), use your finger tips to move & resize, then tap "use". Once you have saved a set of twelve, your custom set icon will appear on the "home" game page and be ready for play. Custom image sets (finished & unfinished) can be edited from the home screen by holding a finger upon their icons for two seconds.

Need Help? Visit our Support Page for more detailed information about using Pairopix.

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ck out the:
Pairopix Set Gallery

Once we had a look at a few
custom sets people made with
Pairopix, we decided to post
the best ones to a gallery so
that new Pairopixers can be
inspired too. Check for FREE
image sets.

We'd love to hear from you if
you've made a set that you
think is interesting. Send it to
us Here and spread the


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